The Bags Which Drive Me Crazy

For me bags occupy an important position in my life. Though there are innumerable designs in the market I am not ready to compromise for any fashionable designs other than brands like Gucci, Prada, Hermes and Miu Miu. Once I choose any one of these I am not going to think of any other bag. I also like eco friendly bags like Hermes in my arm. I feel like a celebrity when I carry a Hermes bag. I recently heard somewhere that celebrities like Victoria Beckham carry hundreds of Hermes bags with them. I like the high quality bags made up of materials of ostritch, calf, lizard and crocodile.

For style and glamour look I prefer Gucci. I don’t mind the price tag. Excellence and class are more important for me. I can’t substitute Gucci for any other bag just for the sake of price. I carry Gucci more for comfort than as a status symbol. I love the winter collection designs of Guccio. When I visit the online fashion store I become crazy. It is amazing to see bags in smart sizes and shapes. I bought a bag to match my Miu Miu dress to suit my mood in the party.