Gucci Journal Evening Bag With Flap and Snap Closure

Bags mean a lot to women. It is another statement of your status and your taste. However, one can hardly get a bag to suit all the occasions you have to attend. For the formal business and working occasion, you need a dressy and decent bag to show that you are professional, while at an evening party, you need a bag to interpret your personality. That is exactly what this Gucci Journal Evening bag is about.

This evening clutch features flap and snap closure, which is rather common for an evening bag. It is sized at 26 x 4 x 12 cm, holding a medium capacity as an evening bag. With inside pockets and such a capacity, this bag is able to hold and put in order all your belongings. Its shining G script ornament made from ruthenium adds much more glamor to this bag.

This evening clutch is priced at $665. Although not as high as these Vuitton and Hermes bags, it is still rather pricey for a single piece of clutch, especially when Gucci determines to impress customers with relatively cheap luxury. However, this bag really is worth such a price, because it is made from green shaded python, which is rather precious in the fashion kingdom. And I like the shaded green color especially. It brings you a touch of easy breezy in the hot summer days. But if you do not like this color or cannot afford such a high price, you maybe like to buy the other version, which is the exact design but crafted in black leather, which is priced at $360.